Inqune Sales Playbook Guides

Design & execution for the first five of Inqune's Sales Playbook Guides: Elevator Pitches, Objection Handling, Selling Guide, Buyer Personas, and Competitive Strategy. The TOC is internally linked for quick navigation of the document. Buyer Personas and Competitive Strategy feature sample templates — one filled out and the other writable, so that users can begin to draft their own content without leaving the tutorial.

I made so many iterations of these sweet little pdfs — portrait, landscape, illustrations, photography, and finally found my stride with this wide layout, big sassy photos, and lots of nested subheading styles.

The first page serves as Title and Table of Contents
The final page in each document is a clear Call to Action to get in touch.

You can download the full versions for free at

Content Development: Alana Kadden Ballon, Katie Proctor, Stephanie Lictata, and Kelly Ceynowa. Web Assistance: Frankie Winters. Playbook documents designed by yours truly.