Hello Tin House

Hello, Tin House!
My background in publishing, marketing, and project coordination, and my wholehearted enthusiasm for paper books make me an ideal candidate to be your next Publicity and Marketing Assistant.

Some of the things that make me awesome:

  • Detail- and Deadline Oriented
  • Problem Solving and Process Improvement
  • Adaptive Administrative Support
  • Nurturing Collaborative Relationships
  • Internal Documentation Management
  • Publication Design
  • Translating Technical Concepts to Non-Technical Audiences
  • Listening & Empathy
  • Team-First Commitment
  • InDesign, GSuite, Freedcamp, Quickbooks, and More 

Relevant Work

  • Project Manager, Upswept Creative, 2016 — Present
    • Small-but-fierce creative studio specializing in web, brand, and social media to help small businesses and non-profits connect with their ideal audiences, beautifully.Guiding projects through scheduling, creative check-ins, and approvals from project kick-off and discovery, to completion, launch, maintenance and revisions.
      Define and plan brand, web, and social media projects based on unique goals and objectives.Develop and write responses to inquiries from prospective clients and RFPs.
      Collaborate with creative and development lead to generate and maintain project timelines and budgets. Communicate project status, direction, and deadlines to both internal and external clients. Review creative and marketing submissions, revisions, approvals, and invoicing.Implementation and maintenance of CRM as part of being primary client liaison and relationship manger.Write, research, and manage project documentation for clients. Created and manage internal documentation and wikis for future internal use.
      • WordPressWooCommerce
      • Client Services
    • Administrative Support
  • Senior Design Consultant, Inqune, 2013 — 2017
    • Sales tools and trainings and drive revenue and fuel growth for small and mid-sized cloud software companies.Designed online sales enablement training and employee onboarding courses with multiple development tools. Designed, migrated, and organized learning modules in Litmos and Confluence.
      • bookletsmanualsdeckssales toolstraining materialsevent materialsattendee guidesinstructor guidesstudent guidesonline course materials
  • Design Manager, Stealing Time Magazine, 2012
    • Visual concept, design, and layout of the first four issues of this now-defunct literary magazine for parents.

Featured Projects

.design Partnership Guide

Marketing toolkit for .design partners, such as RGD (Association of Registered Graphic Designers), to use in promoting the .design top-level domain to their members

Inqune Sales Playbook Guides

Interactive, e-book-style Sales Playbook Guides

Book Design Case Study

Setting a dialog of letters and lectures to paper and ink

Public-Facing Writing Samples

Upswept Creative uses our blog to demonstrate our expertise, generate excitement about our team and the services we offer, educate our audience, and share the work of some of our clients.

The first in our Professional Spotlight series was Katie Proctor of Books with Pictures, in April 2017. Katie was a natural first subject as our philosophies are closely aligned, and we’re super proud of the brand identity we’ve helped establish for Books with Pictures.

I wrote Congratulations! Your Website is Live! almost entirely so that I could include the link in the pre-launch materials that I send to clients when we’re doing QA for their new websites. Sharing our processes and the ideas behind them feels like being a good neighbor.

Other posts like How to Give Feedback to Your Designer and Design Monsters: Scope Creep are meant for designers and clients alike. Fellow creatives may want to start a conversation about these common experiences, and clients can get some insight into potential stumbling blocks before they get in our way. 


I attended the Master’s Program in Writing and Book Publishing at  Portland State University, from which I also earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree with high honors. I also studied Communication, Writing, Philosophy, and Ethics.

As a graduate student, I co-founded the Ooligan Press Sustainable Publishing Initiative and co-authored the first edition of the book, Rethinking Paper & Ink: The Sustainable Publishing Revolution.

Professional References are available upon request. You can also read some endorsements at the bottom of this page.

Bonus Points for reading to the bottom of the page! 👍

  1. Longform, Hidden Brain, Reply All, and Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls are my current favorite podcasts.
  2. My first jobs were in bakeries and cafés, making bread and pastries.
  3. I’ve been getting around Portland by cargo bike since someone drove off  with my car in 2010.